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Computational Brain Imaging, Network Neuroscience, Clinical Neuroimaging


  • PhD in Integrated Program in Neuroscience, McGill University, Canada.
  • MSc in Neuroscience, Seoul National University College of Natural Sciences, South Korea.
  • BSc in Computer Science/Cognitive Science, Yonsei University, South Korea


  • 2020-Present Assistant professor, Center for Neuroscience Imaging Research, Institute for Basic Science, Department of Global Biomedical Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, South Korea
  • 2019-2020 Research Scientist in the Center for the Developing Brain, Child Mind Institute, New York, USA
  • 2018-2019 Postdoc in the Center for the Developing Brain, Child Mind Institute, New York, USA
  • 2017-2018 Postdoc in Multimodal Imaging and Connectivity Analysis Laboratory, Montreal Neurological Institute, Canada

학술지 논문

  • (2023)  Functional and microstructural plasticity following social and interoceptive mental training.  ELIFE.  12, 
  • (2023)  Myeloarchitectonic cortical parcellation data for contemporary neuroimaging – the Vogt-Vogt legacy in the 21st century.  Data in Brief.  47,  1
  • (2023)  Long-range functional connections mirror and link microarchitectural and cognitive hierarchies in the human brain.  CEREBRAL CORTEX.  33,  5
  • (2023)  Multimodal mapping of regional brain vulnerability to focal cortical dysplasia.  BRAIN.  146,  8
  • (2023)  BrainStat: A toolbox for brain-wide statistics and multimodal feature associations.  NEUROIMAGE.  266, 
  • (2022)  A whole-brain 3D myeloarchitectonic atlas: Mapping the Vogt-Vogt legacy to the cortical surface.  NEUROIMAGE.  263, 
  • (2020)  Toward a connectivity gradient-based framework for reproducible biomarker discovery.  NEUROIMAGE.  223,  1


  • 2019 NARSAD Young Investigator award, Brain-Behavior Research Foundation
  • 2018 Young Investigator Award, 72nd American Epilepsy Society, USA
  • 2018 Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Postdoc Fellowship
  • 2018 Simon Groom Travel Award, Montreal Neurological Institute
  • 2017 Jeanne Timmins Fellowship, Montreal Neurological Institute
  • 2017 Travel award, 20th International Conference on MICCAI
  • 2017 Canadian League Against Epilepsy, Post-Graduate Training Fellowship
  • 2017 Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Merit Abstract Award, Canada
  • 2016 American Epilepsy Society, Jack Pellock Award, Houston, USA
  • 2016 Top trainee in Canadian League Against Epilepsy, Canada
  • 2015 Jeanne Timmins Costello Studentship, Montreal Neurological Institut
  • 2015 Canadian League Against Epilepsy, Publication award for student
  • 2015 Student travel award, 18th International Conference on MICCAI
  • 2015 Best poster presentation, 31st International Epilepsy Congress, Istanbul
  • 2014 Grass Young Investigator Award, 68th American Epilepsy Society, Seattle
  • 2014 Desjardins Outstanding Student Award, Montreal Neurological Institute
  • 2013 Simon Groom Travel Award, Montreal Neurological Institute