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Graduate Program

1. Plans to Improve Research Environment

  • Research immersive environment: With IBS, we ① provide advanced research equipments (48 different types, including 3T Human MRI), ② secure space for student experiments, and ③ assign students to faculty labs
  • Thesis Subsidy: Incentives are provided annually to the best and three other excellent students chosen based on their thesis in order to encourage students’ active, voluntary participation in research and academic activities
  • Invitation of International Scholars and Global Collaborative Research: Scholars from all over the world are invited to support research and academic programs of the students

2. Plans to Support Research

Early assignment of supervisors: Upon admission, a student is matched with the supervisor, whom he/she is expected to work in the supervisor’s lab within the first semester

  • Diversification of teaching methods for degrees and academic thesis
    • Assignment of an advisor who is a renowned scholar or a lead researcher at a foreign research institute or university
    • Guidance from renowned foreign scholars in thesis writing and expansion of foreign thesis editing services
    • Overseas joint research and colloquium
    • Research paper workshops and case studies presentation
    • Annual seminars about excellent thesis presentation and research methodology, as well as various thesis awards given to students to encourage their passion in research
  • Development and operation of extracurricular programs
    • Neuroimaging International Symposium: Participation in events that invite researchers in brain science fields and scholars from other countries, such as the United States and Japan
    • Summer Neuroimaging School: Nurtures new researchers in the field of neuroimaging, such as MRI and optical imaging, and participation in specialized training programs for research teams
    • Winter School: Opportunity to share academic research results with global scholars and researchers
  • Guidance based on the roadmap for advanced researchers
    • Outstanding students are provided with a roadmap to grow into a professional expert through working as a postdoctoral researcher at IBS, and conducting research in leading research institutes in both domestic and foreign backgrounds, etc.

3. Plans to Improve Dissertation Quality and Research Ethics

  • A. Research Ethics
    • Selected as an advisor to renowned scholar or lead researcher at leading overseas research institutes and universities
    • Expansion of foreign thesis editing services and support for actual expenses to improve the ability of renowned foreign scholars to write thesis and English thesis
    • Regularized overseas joint research and joint colloquium holding of other universities
    • Hold research paper writing workshop and present case studies
    • Research methodology and excellent thesis case presentation seminars are held annually, and excellent thesis awards are awarded to inspire graduate students' research motivation.
  • B. Enhance qualification standards for dissertation submission and improve quality
    • Reinforce qualification requirements for dissertation submission
      • Publish two or more articles as a lead author in SCI(E) journal
      • The sum of the impact factors of the paper published as a lead author should be 10 or more, but there may be exceptions made by the academic department
      • At least one oral/poster presentation at an international conference
      • Reinforce education about thesis writing methods and ethics in order to prevent plagiarism
    • Public review and multi-disciplinary guidance by more than five domestic and international judges
      • (External review and public announcement) To improve the quality of dissertation, a rigorous screening process involves two or more external judges and both oral review and public presentation review
      • Early, flexible, and free selection of the supervisor
      • Includes a co-advising professor from a leading foreign university to the thesis review committee (supervision via video or email)