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Establishment Background of the Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME)

  • To fulfill the needs of future social trends (healthcare), novel potential business fields (medical devices), and rising social demands (cultivation of advanced human resources)
  • To create a core department based on the BME field, which is still at its early stage in South Korea, and to develop it into one of the specialized departments in the natural science campus along with the semiconductor department and the software department, enhancing SKKU's overall academic reputation
  • To foster an interdisciplinary field that has a Global Top 10 potential with SKKU's resources and environment -- best research teams and research achievements in the fields of medicine, electronics, materials, and engineering
  • To promote industry-academia cooperation and joint research with world-class medical device companies, including Samsung Electronics



  • Not just a typical broad/comprehensive education in the BME field -- we have three main academic specialties: 1) medical imaging and devices, 2) biomaterials, and 3) neuroscience
  • We nurture human resources who not only understands the mechanisms of cutting-edge medical and bioloigcal devices but also is capable of applying and further developing them into research
  • We utilize advanced infrastructure, such as our own building devoted to BME, MRI, etc., and passionate full-time professors to provide the best education
  • We encourage excellent students with various research scholarships, along with global-level education and diverse research programs