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Graduate Program

1. Fields and Prospects for Graduates

  • A. Job prospects in the BME field
    • BME field is still unfamiliar in South Korea, but it has been considered as the most promising field in the United States for more than two years — within the next ten years, BME field is expected to arise into one of the most prevalent and promising professions
  • B. Employment and research path
    • For students who want to get employed right after the graduation, we promote strong industry-academia cooperation so that they can enter into global HME companies such as Siemens, GE, and Samsung, and for students who want to become researchers, we provide a roadmap to carry out their plans as scholars and researchers
    • BME supports students with a specific roadmap to work as Post-doc, research professors, and full-time professors at universities and national institutions after graduation

2. Plans to Encourage Social Involvement

  • A. Employment support strategy
    • Provides systematic employment support programs
    • Conducts field training programs in cooperation with global bio-healthcare industries
    • Strengthens industry-academia foundation and global capabilities
    • Helps students gain foundational qualities and competitiveness in the global society, promotes stronger regular education programs, and implements an education system based on the industry-academia cooperation
  • B. Employment support program
    • Close cooperation with medium-sized global companies
      • Supports employment by establishing a close industrial cooperation system with multinational global companies
      • Establishes a cooperation system with domestic and overseas medical device-related high-tech venture businesses
      • Builds a cutting-edge medical devices valley based on top notch biomedical technologies
    • Employment and Career guidance
      • Actively supports students' participation in research and industry-academia cooperation by securing full-time faculty from home and abroad
      • Supports study abroad programs and promotes international network by revitalizing joint research among students and professors from foreign universities and hosting BME-related international academic conferences